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Packaging & Storage Tips


Plan ahead when storing your personal property. 
Use Mike’s Mini Storage Packing & Moving Checklist to help you decide what supplies you’ll need when packing, moving and storing your property.

  • Plan on what you will store in a self-storage facility

  • Use large boxes for light items and small boxes for heavier items

  • Pack all fragile items by using bubble wrap or other cushioning materials and place in a box

  • Distribute the weight in packed boxes evenly.  Make sure they are not too heavy to lift.

  • Wrap mirrors, and framed large pictures in bubble wrap or other cushioning materials. Mark as fragile and place in a mirror specialty box. Do not lay mirrors or framed pictures flat.

  • Label and identify all boxes by rooms (living room, dining room, etc.)

  • Storage units are swept out. Place protective plastic or tarp on the floor to protect your property from dust.

  • When storing furniture, store couches on end to save floor space.

  • We suggest using protective covers for mattresses. 

  • Large household appliances should be placed at the back of the unit wall.

  • Large boxes should be placed at the bottom with lighter boxes on top.

  • More accessible items should be placed near the entrance of the unit for easy access.

  • Do not store any materials that are hazardous or combustible, it is against the law.  Drain gasoline from any type of motor vehicle or machine.

  • We recommend the use of a disc lock.  It is a high quality lock used to protect your personal belongings.

Inventory forms are available for your convenience, packing and moving supplies are available for purchase.